(YONO SBI) Mobile Banking App Full review | How to use YONO SBI Mobile app


(YONO SBI) Mobile banking App Review

YONO means, you only need one, it is the official app of State Bank of India and it is a very amazing application, so within this article today I will give you a full review of this application, how you can use this application And for which work you can use this application, I will tell you everything in details, then read the article completely.

How to Use (YONO SBI) App

You can download the YONO application from the play store very easily, after downloading, you have to try this app, after opening, you will get to see many features inside this app, which you can take advantage of asĀ  (24 Hour Found Transfer) (Bill Pay) (Instant Loan) (Book Travel & Entertainment) (Grab Offers) All these things you can use and avail. First of all you have to create your account in this app. Below you will see an option called Existing Customer, you will click on it, YONO SBI, I am given the option to create an account, you can create an account with your debit card or account from net banking. You can make whatever you like, you can create your account here. After that this app which will open in your mobile will come fully and first you will see above how much money is there in your account. Within this app, you get to see the first option (YONO PAY) by clicking on it, you can send money to someone. In this, you have been given an option that you can send money to someone’s bank account or you can also send money to someone with the help of (BHIM UPI).
With this, friends will come down, so you have been given many other options as you can use this application (Mobile Recharge) (DTH Recharge) (Bill Pay).

Insurance: Within this app you have also been given the option of insurance, from here you can buy any one insurance policy,
Investment: Here you have been given the option of investment, you can see from here where you have invested or if you want to invest, you can invest from here, you have many options here Have gone, as if you want to invest in mutual funds, you can do it very easily,
Loan: Here you can also apply for a loan, if you want to take a loan, then you can also take a loan from the man of this app.
Check: If you do not have a check, then with the help of this application, you can ask for the check, you can select the page you want to check and then you can request for the check and then you can check Will be given
LOG OUT: If you want to exit this application, then you have been given the option to logout, you can click on it and you can come out of this application and then when you feel like, then you have whatever account you have in this application. You can login and do any work within this app.

Friends, you can use this application (YONO SBI) in this way, if you want to download this application, then you can download this application very easily from play store. I have given you a download button above you So by clicking on it, you can also download this application directly, thanks,



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