Whatz Tracker app Review in English


Whatz Tracker app Review

Friends we all use mobile and in mobile, we download and use many types of apps, but friends, we do not know which app is new in the Play Store. Friends, there are many apps in the Play Store. It is very difficult to identify which app is new there, which app is old, but friends, today we will tell you about an app in the Play Store that you will be very happy to see, friends, this is a completely new one. If you download the app in your mobile, then you will benefit a lot, if you use WhatsApp in your mobile, then you will definitely download this app, let’s tell you which app it is for every WhatsApp user. Should download and use

Friends, every person would like to download this app because the work of this app is such that anyone who sees this app downloads this app, the name of this app, Whatz Last Seen Online Notifier, is this app. If you want, you can download and download by going to the play store, let us know what is your job, after all, for which this app has been created and for which you should download and use this app, friends, this is the work of this app. That you can keep an eye on WhatsApp of any member of your family, as you have a younger brother who uses WhatsApp in his mobile, then you can keep an eye on his WhatsApp with the help of this app when he is on WhatsApp But it comes online for how long it stays online on WhatsApp and when it is offline on WhatsApp, you can know these things with the help of this app, so let’s know how this app is used

Step 1. First of all, you have to download this app by going to the Play Store, if you search in the Play Store, Whatz Last Seen Online Notifier, then will you find it there and you will download it
Step 2. After that you have to open this app. This app will ask for three permissions as soon as it is open, first it will ask for contact permission of your mobile, then it will ask you for the submission of your mobile storage which you have to give.
Step 3. After that it will open in front of you, now you will have the option to put the WhatsApp number of the person whose you want to track on WhatsApp, you have to put that person’s WhatsApp number there and click on the button of others
Step 4. Now after doing so much work, now you have to come out of this app. Now the person whose number you have entered inside this app will come online on WhatsApp, you will get the notification in your mobile. Yes, that person will come online on WhatsApp. In how many minutes is it online on whatsapp, there you will know inside this app
Step 5. Friends tell you that this app is free for only 4 hours, after using 4 hours, you have to pay money to this app, only then you will be able to work again in your mobile.


Friends, this is more good for those of you who want to keep an eye on your siblings or any person, when he comes online on WhatsApp, how long do you stay online on WhatsApp to know all these things. You can use this app, friends, if you want to download this app, I have given a download button above. You can download this app in your mobile by clicking on it, thanks guys.


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