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Today we will tell you about such a mobile lock which every mobile user should use, friends, if you use WhatsApp, then you must laugh this lock inside your WhatsApp because friends if your mobile people or people in your home Then if one of your friends takes your mobile, then he can open your WhatsApp and see your everything. With whom you can WhatsApp But who do you message Talking to people on WhatsApp or whoever you talk to more inside your WhatsApp can know everything and if you have sent an important photo video or document to someone, then he can also see it very easily. If this is the case then I will tell you that you must use this lock inside your WhatsApp, let’s know how to use this lock about it. To download it

Friends, first of all you have to download an app from play store called What’s lock, as soon as you download this app then after that you need to open this app and now you can ask for a lot of permissions as soon as this app opens. After giving permission, in this app you have been given many features, out of which you have to click on WhatsApp as soon as you click on the option of WhatsApp. You will get an on and off button, you have to turn that feature on by clicking on that button, after doing so, now you do not need to do any work within this app, you should come out of this app. If you open WhatsApp, then firstly there will be a lock which can be opened by you and only you, except you can not open any other person, then in this way you can use this lock inside your WhatsApp Can use

So friends, if you want to download this app, then above you will get a download button, you can download this app from the Play Store by clicking on it, thanks guys


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