What is Insurance | How many Types of Insurance in India | Part 1


Friends, now a days everyone makes insurance, some make their home insurance, some make their bike insurance, or someone makes their own car or other things which are also insurance Today we will know what is the disease, what is it done for and how much of the disease is there, we will tell you everything, so let’s start.

First of all, we tell you that if you want to make a insurance, then you will get a lot of agents to insure you and they will put a lot of pressure on you to get insurance in your company.


What is Insurance

If I tell the easy language, insurance means to guarantee to help you or your family after any loss caused by a company like accidental death.
If we tell you in a simpler language then insurance means to compensate for any loss you have, like if you have insured your life and you have an accident. So the life insurance company compensates for your loss Just like you are given some money after death in an accident, which depends on your insurance policy, the more money your insurance policy is, accordingly your loss is compensated.



Life insurance

Life insurance comes first of all, whoever takes this policy and if there is an accident with him, then his family members are paid by the law made by that insurance company. People like this policy only for their families so that if something happens to them, their family can get help.

Health insurance

In this type of insurance there is a limited payment caste and if something happens to the man who has insured it, if he gets any disease then the insurance company will bear all the expenses. This policy is very important for every person, the health of human being gets worsened at some point or the whole year.

vehicle insurance

Now a days everyone definitely has a motorcycle or some other car. If your vehicle gets an accident or your car is stolen, then the insurance company claims to fix your car or to meet the expenses of the accident. This insurance is very important because we are able to buy a car after very difficult and if there is an accident with it, then the insurance company gives you some payment.


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