What is Google Meeting App | Google Meeting App Review


What is Google Meeting App | Google meeting app review

Friends, in today’s era, every person wants to do their work sitting at home, if a person wants to have a meeting, then he does not want to go anywhere else today, he wants to sit online and participate in that meeting. And now the situation has become such that the students are doing their studies right from home because the school is closed, the college is closed, so it wants to do online classes while sitting at home. But many people do not know how to complete their work sitting at home online. So friends, today I am going to tell you inside this article how you can further your studies online from home. Or if you want to have a meeting, how can you do online sitting at home. To know, you must read this entire article

Friends, if you want to have an online meeting, for this, first of all, you have to download an application in your mobile, named Google Meet Secure Video meeting, the Friends application is launched by the Google company itself and this application used to take money earlier. | But now this application is completely free, you can download it from Google Play Store, friends in your mobile, let’s know how to use this application, what are the features you will get in this application

How can use Google meeting app ?

1. Friends, Google Meet Secure Video meeting, you can download and use it in computer or mobile.
2. In Google Meet, you can have a video call meeting with 250 people. Or you can teach 250 students
3. Google Meet now works for free, you do not have to pay any money for this application is absolutely free and you can use this application for free.
4. Whoever wants to have a meeting with you through Google Meet, you have to first download this application in your mobile, after that you have to download this application in that person’s mobile as well.
5. After that in this application you have to create your account, which you can create with the help of email ID.
6. Now this application will be fully open in your mobile, if you want to participate in someone’s meeting, then you will be given an option there, Meeting Code, you will click on it
7. Then you will give the meeting code to the person who wants to attend the meeting. You want to attend the meeting, you will give a code to the person you want to put there, after that you have to click on the submit button.
8. Then you will be able to participate in that meeting and you will be able to listen to whatever the meeting is, you can also make a video call with him or talk with him.

So friends, in this way you can take part in any meeting using this application or if you are a student and you want to study online then you can download this application and use it very much for you. Friends, if you want to download this application, you can download it immediately from the Google Play Store, this application is absolutely free and Google company has launched this application, then you must download this application Thanks if you can


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