What is Dailymotion ? | How to use Dailymotion



What is Dailymotion ? | How to use Dailymotion

The way YouTube is a video sharing platform, in the same way there are many more video sharing platforms where you can make money by creating and uploading your video, one of them is (Dailymotion) on Dailymotion you earn money by uploading videos. The most important thing about Dailymotion is that you do not have to create 1000 channels like YouTube and complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. On Dailymotion, you can create a channel by uploading videos and turn on monetization and friends, in this article today I am going to give you complete information about (Dailymotion) how you can create your channel in it. How you can make money and how to bring your earned money to your bank
Please read the entire article carefully to know

To earn money by uploading videos on DAILYMOTION, you have to first create a Dailymotion Partner Account, for which you have to search the official website of Dailymotion, go into it and then create an account in it, Dailymotion, If you need an email ID to create an account, then you will create it first, after creating an email ID, you can create your own, Dailymotion Account, with that email id.
After creating (Dailymotion Account) you can create a channel like YouTube inside it so that you can earn money, friends, you can create a channel in the same way (Dailymotion) as you create a channel on YouTube.
After creating a channel, you can put your own ‘logo’ in your channel, after that you can also put a ‘banner’ on your channel. And then you can earn money by uploading videos on the channel

When and how does Dailymotion pay money?
Friends, like YouTube (Dailymotion) works like you can bring money to a bank account only after earning ($100) on YouTube, in the same way ‘Dailymotion’ also pays you only after earning ($ 100). Dailymotion pays you through (PayPal), so you have to keep in mind that if you create a ‘Dailymotion’ channel then it is mandatory for you to create a (PayPal) friends if you do not know how to create a ‘PayPal account’ If you go then you can do research on it

So friends, in this way you can earn money by uploading videos in it by creating a channel on you (Dailymotion), just you have to work a little bit, if you work hard then you can earn very good money from here.


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