What is Amazon Flex | Amazon Flex Review | Part Time job


What is Amazon Flex | Amazon Flex Review | Part Time job

In today’s era, everyone wants to work in writing and some want to do a government job, someone wants to work in companies and many people also do jobs in writing, but there are some people who cannot do jobs by writing or Then he does not get work in any company, in such a situation, he does some other work at home, but there are some people who also earn money by working online from home, friends, a lot of people earn money sitting online at home, which we are part of Time job says friends, in this article today, I am going to give you an idea that you can earn money sitting at home.

Friends, a lot of us buy goods online. Whenever we have to buy something new, we buy it online, from Flipkart, or from Amazon, and the delivery guy will deliver it to us within one or 2 days at our address. Comes Do you know how much money a person who comes to deliver your goods earns how many rupees for an hour? | Friends, in this article, I am going to tell you about Amazon Flex, friends. Amazon Flex is an Amazon program that everyone can join. Friends, if you want to do a part time job then you, Amazon Flex, Join In this, you can earn very good money sitting at home, friends, for your information, tell us that you can earn ₹ 120 per hour from this, friends, let’s know what Amazon Flex is.

What is Amazon Flex
If you join Amazon Flex, then all you have to do is to make friends. Whatever person in your area, buy a product from Amazon, then you have to bring that product to the address from where that product was purchased. Was And whatever time you take to deliver the goods to that address, you will be given ₹ 120 per hour, so this is Amazon Flex,

How to Join Amazon Flex program

Friends, for your information, if you want to work by joining Amazon Flex, then for this you will need some documents, first of all you must have a bike / car. If you deliver someone’s product to their address, then you will have to go by bike / car. After that you should have your driving license. After that you should have a smartphone from which you can know from which place the product has been purchased and you will be able to reach that place with the help of your smartphone.

This is Amazon Flex, in which thousands of people are working and earning money sitting at home, it is a part time job that you can do whenever you want and in this you can earn ₹ 120 per hour. Friends if you join this program If you want to do it, you can join very easily, friends, if you like this article, then you can send this article to your friends.


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