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Hello friends, as you know 59 Android apps in China have been discontinued in India. These apps include TikTok . Friends, let us tell you that TikTok had gained a lot of popularity in India. Many people are working in it. Had been and many people have earned a lot of names today by working on TikTok, but now the Indian government has banned 59 apps from China and you cannot use it from now on. Let us tell you all these TikTok . Closed What is the reason for turning off TikTok, why do 59 Chinese apps of China have been closed?

Why Indian Government band 59 Apps Chinese apps ?

Friends, when the Indian government did research, it came to know that 59 Android apps in China are stealing people’s data, while this includes TikTok. You know how much TikTok was very popular in India. Many people were working hard to earn a name in TikTok, but now the Indian government has closed many more apps like TikTok in India.

TIKTOK Alternative Indian App ?

Friends, in this article today, we will tell you an Indian app like TikTok which is made in India and in this app you will get to see the interface like TikTok, you can earn names by making videos like TikTok in this app of India. If you have talent, then you can work in this app called TikTok in India, you can upload videos in it and you can reach your talent to people. If you used to use TikTok earlier, then you can use this app You can use it because it is exactly like TikTok and if you use it then you will feel that it is a TikTok app, in this you will get to see every features similar to TikTok. Friends, the name of this app is, Bolo India, this app. You will find it in the play store, from there you can download it, after downloading this app, it will ask you for some permission that you have to give, after that this app will open in front of you and many features from now itself. You can use it, if you want to upload videos on it, then you can also see the option to upload videos below. You will be able to upload videos from there, friends. For your information, tell me this is the Indian version of TikTok. You can also work in it and you can be famous in it.

Bolo Indya App Download Now

Friends, if you want to download the app, Bolo India, you can download it by searching it in the play store, by the way, I have given you the link of this app above, you can see the download button above, then clicking on it You can download the Indian version of TikTok. Friends, many people are using this app right now. It may be that this app will soon become famous as soon as TikTok tells you that there is a chance if you make a video If you want to be famous, you want to show your talent, then you can use this app from today and put videos in this app
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