Shareit, Xender Ban in India | Shareit Alternative Indian App


Hello friends, as you know, China has banned 59 Android applications in India and those apps include such apps as Share It, Xender, if you were using Share It app from now on. You cannot use it in your mobile because the government has banned 59 Android apps from China, those apps include Share it. Now friends, we used to use shareit to transfer files, if we had to send a photo video or a document from one mobile to another mobile, then we could use the Share It app to transfer all those data from one mobile to other mobile I was able to send But now the Sherit app has been banned in India, so the mobile users of our India are all worried about what app we should use instead of Sherit app from one mobile to another To transfer data

Friends, let us know which app we should use instead of Share it app, Friends tell you, besides shareit, there are many other applications using which you can transfer your data from one mobile to another friends.
The first app is from India, name, JioSwitch- Secure File Transfer & Share (No Ads). This app is made by Jio company and it is a very good way to transfer as much data as you want from one mobile to another. Can do For your information, let us know that this is an offline file transfer app.

JIO File Transfer App


👇App screenshot 👇

2nd Data Transfer Application

Now the app we are going to tell you is better than this app and there is no app, it is not an Indian app, it is an app by Google, this app is made by Google company and you can get your mobile data from this app You can transfer to another mobile very easily, it is a simple app, it is very easy to use it, you are using a lot of people, your data in this app will be absolutely safe because it is made by Google company.

App Screenshot 👇

Google File Transfer App


Friends, if you want to download all these apps in your mobile, then I have given you the download button above, you can use any of these two apps by clicking on it, your mobile data in each other mobile To transfer and let me tell you one thing for your information, this app is free, you can use it anytime, you will not incur any money. Thanks guys for reading the whole article.


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