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Friends, today I am going to tell you an app with the help of which you can record your mobile call and save it in Google Drive, friends, this app is very amazing if you use this app by downloading it. This app will be very useful in your future. Suppose you have called someone and you are talking to him and you want to record his talk, then you can record with the help of this app and you can use Google Drive If you want to know about this app, then you must read the article completely.


1. Record all incoming and outgoing call automatic and manual mode

2. Movable manual record button

3. Advance search with many option to find recordings

4. Support two folders to keep the recordings (important and unsorted)

5. Automatic filter recording based on ‘Known Number’, ‘Unknown Number’, and selected contacts (incoming / outgoing call)

6. Advance rename recording files

7. Show / hide recording notification

8.Auto delete recording if not reach certain time

9. Auto delete trash regularly

10. Change recording home folder

11. Backup and restore setting

12. Support 4 digit passcode

13. Totally hide application (seamless recording)

14. Play recording in the background (recording still play when press home button)

15 Automatic upload to Dropbox or / and Google Drive in the background

Friends, the name of this app is RCM Call Recorder, you can download it from the play store too, but first you know how to use the app, friends, it is very easy to use this app when you download this app for the first time If you open it, then it will ask you for some permission which you have to give, after that you will get an option to see the settings and click on it. After that you have to enter your email ID which you use inside your phone and put that email ID in this app and after doing so much work inside this app, you have to turn on some settings which I told you above What are the settings that you can use, this is the only app, if you download this app, you can record your mobile calls very easily and save it in Google Drive app.


Friends, let’s talk about how this app can be downloaded, friends, if you go to the play store and search the RMC call record app, then you will get to see this app there and you can download this app from there too. By the way, I have given you a download button above, now you can download this app by clicking on it.


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