Pubg ban in India | Pubg Alternative Launch in India | Fau-G game


pubg ban in India , Pubg Alternative Launch in India

Friends, just a few days ago, 59 apps from China were banned by the Indian government, including (Tiktok), now friends again, the Indian government has banned many of China’s applications in India, including (PUBG). Friends, tell you 3 days ago, the Government of India announced that there will be a complete ban in Pub India, after the ban, many pub players are very unhappy. Many youtubers who used to play pub games also We have expressed a lot of sadness about this but he respects every decision of the Indian government, so friends, this time, many of the apps in China also include Pubji, which has been banned by the Indian government, friends now many people They used to play the game, they say that it should be given some other game which is of India and never ban friends in this app. You will get to see this game, instead of PubG, is there any such game made in India?

Friends, as soon as the Indian government announced that Pubg has been banned along with many apps from China, then a few hours after that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar wrote an Instagram post in which he wrote that only one game will be launched very soon. Friends, whose name is (Fau-G) Fearless and United Guards, in this app you will get to see everything like PubG. Friends, let me tell you, this game has not been launched in India yet. This game will take a long time to be launched right now, it is in the works, if you were playing too much of Pabji game, then you can play this game instead. And this one Indian will never stop your silence


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