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Hello, how are you guys, today I am going to tell you an app inside this article, with the help of which you can set the battery alarm in your mobile friends. Suppose you have slept by putting your mobile in charge If your mobile is full charged, then your mobile will tell you by saying that I have charged the phone, now take me out of the charge and there is a lot of work of this app which I will tell you inside this article, then I request you You read this article completely

How to use Pocket Sens App

Friends, the name of this app is, Pocket Sens, you can download this app very easily from the play store, as soon as you download this app, you have to open it in your phone, after that it will ask you for any permission. After which you have to give it, the interface of this app will come in front of you, now you are given four options, which you have to use, the first option is that you can save your mobile from being stolen if you go to a market And if your mobile tries to steal a thief, then your mobile automatic will start ringing and then you can find out who is trying to steal your mobile, then the first setting is very beneficial for you. You can use your mobile to prevent it from being stolen in the same way and you get to see many features inside this app.


1. Pocket Sense Mode – Notifies you through an alarm if someone takes the mobile out of your pockets.
2. Charge Sense Mode – Notifies you through an alarm if someone disconnects your mobile from charging.
3. Motion Sense Mode – Notifies you through an alarm if someone accesses the mobile from where you placed it.
4. You can delay the alarm for few seconds to stop getting triggered instantly.
5. Adjust sensitivity of the sensors

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Friends, if you want to download the Pocket Sense app, then you will be getting to see a download button above, you can click on it and download this app in your mobile, friends, it is amazing that you are sure Do that you will be very happy to see this app, because this one is very important for your mobile, I am using this for a long time, so you can also use it
Thank you guys have a nice day


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