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Hello friends, how are you today I am going to tell you about an app inside this article, with the help of which you can keep an eye on someone, track someone’s mobile, suppose you have a younger brother and you Want to keep an eye on his mobile, with whom he talks with whom, if you want to know all these things, you can find out from the mobile tracker app


How it works

1. Install the application and register using Еmail ID and a PIN

2. Еnable the check box to enable tracking of Сalls and Messages on your device.

3. Now whenever a call is made or received or a Message is sent or received, wait for a while and then launch the application again.

4. Сlick on “View” buttons in the application and you will see the records of the last Сalls or Messages on list view.

5. You can clear all the information stored by using “Сlear data” option in the Settings

6. You can export the tracks as text via Еmail


The app is not a remote monitoring app and cannot be used to spy on anyone because
1. The app displays notification whenever the app runs in background
2. The app doesn’t save anything in SD card or any public storage so that no one or no other app can access anything from the app.

Friends, let us know what is the mobile tracker app, how to use it, with the help of friends mobile tracker app, you can see every thing of your younger brother’s mobile inside your phone, by tracking it and this app is absolutely safe This is not a wrong app, just you can use this app to keep an eye on your children over your younger brother, so friends how to download this app, here I tell you, friends, the name of this app There is a mobile tracker, if you search it by going to the play store, then you will get to see the app there and you can also download it from there, but friends, let me tell you one thing, if you go to the play store and search it there But you will get to see many duplicate apps in your name, which will be of no use to you, I am giving you a download button above, you can download this app by clicking on it.


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