New Screen Sharing App for Android


Hello, how are you guys, today I am going to tell you how you will share your mobile screen in another mobile. Friends, let me tell you what is done to share the mobile screen, friends. Suppose there is something wrong with your mobile and you are not able to fix it and if you tell your friend that my mobile is damaged. If you can fix it, please let me fix it, then your friend will say that what is wrong with your mobile, I have to check first, then you should show your mobile screen to your friend at that time in your mobile screen. You can share and you can also fix your mobile, so if you want to know how the screen of the mobile is shared in the other’s mobile, then you read this article completely.

Best Screen Sharing App for Android

Best Screen Sharing App

To share the screen of friends mobile to other mobile, you have to download a small app from the play store. The name of this app is, AnyDesk, friends as soon as you download this app in your mobile then after that you have to You have to open your mobile and you have to give some permission so that this app can work well in your mobile, after that, friends, you have to download this app in the mobile in which you want to share the screen in both mobile As soon as this app gets downloaded, now you have to open this app and now you will see a code inside this app, you have to send that code inside the mobile in which you share your mobile screen Want to do as soon as you send this code to that mobile, then after that you have to put that code inside that mobile and below that you have to click on the submit button, after working so much, friends of your mobile The screen that is there will be shared inside that mobile, then inside that mobile, you can see everything in your mobile. In this way you can share your mobile screen in another mobile.

Download Screen Sharing App


Friends, let us know how to download this app, friends, I have already told you the name of this app, the name of this app is Annie Desk, if you go to the play store and search the name of this app, then you will get that app You will be able to see, but there you will find many duplicate apps which have been created with this name, if you download it, then the screen of your mobile will not be shared in other mobiles. So I will tell you one thing that you download this app from here, you will be getting to see a download button above, you can click on it and download the app in your mobile.


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