New Dating Android app | What’s Tracker app


Friends, today I am going to tell you an app, with the help of which you can know the WhatsApp number of the people around you, you can talk to them in a message, friends, suppose you live in a village and I am around you There are many villages and many people live in all those villages and you want to know the WhatsApp number of those people, you want to talk to them. But you do not have the number of those people, you do not even know those people, yet you want to talk to them, if you want to know its WhatsApp number, then you can very easily with the help of this app if you Want to know about this app, you want to know the name of this app and you want to download it inside your mobile, then you read this article completely.

What’s Tracker features

1. Just one-step registration, you can see the nearby people, recommending people to you according to your preferences, age and interests.

2.Chat with nearby friends and check message status – sent/delivered/read. Along with chat, you can send an attachment.

3.You can add a timeline in your profile to explore yourself in the app, only your friends can view, like or comment on your timeline.

4. Searching for new friends by distance, whether the distance is near or far away, search for people as per your taste.

How to use what’s Tracker app

friends, the name of this app is WhatsApp tracker and you can also download it from the play store. Let me tell you that by the name of this app you will get to see many duplicate apps on the play store if you download those apps. Then you will not have any work, you will not be able to find the WhatsApp number of people around you, because it will be a fake app. So I will tell you that you download this app from here, I have given you a download button above, you can download this app in your mobile by clicking on it and you can use it friends download this app After doing this, you have to get your mobile number verified in this app and you have to create an ID, after that the names of many people will come in front of you, you will get to see the names of those who live around you. And you can talk to them, you can message, then in this way, friends whatsapp tracker app works


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