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Hello, how are you guys, today I am going to tell you an app with the help of which you can lock all incoming calls on your mobile friends. Guess you have a girlfriend and she is calling you and you are afraid that If someone else takes his call and does not talk to him, then by downloading an app in your mobile, you can lock all the incoming calls on your mobile, if anyone calls in your mobile then someone other than you The person will not be able to pick up your mobile calls, friends, this app is very amazing and this app which does its job in a very good way, if you want to lock all the calls coming in your mobile, you will be very It is better, let me tell you which app it is, how to download it, how to use it inside your mobile, here I will tell you everything, so definitely read the entire article

New Incoming Call Lock App 2020

Incoming Call App Features

1. Enable Incoming Call Lock

2. You can select pattern lock or password lock as a lock screen.

3. Show Name Setting

4. No one can talk to your incoming calls by picking the calls using earphones.

5. Call Lock Prevention to be killed by the processor.

6. Auto Disconnect Call if tried with wrong password three times.

7. Caller Type Lock Settings : All, Known, Unknown, Selected

8. Lock Screen Background can be chosen from gallery or given 6 backgrounds.

9. Pattern visibility settings.

Friends, if you want to lock all incoming calls from your mobile, then for this you have to download an app called Incoming Call Lock, from PlayStore, after that you have to open this app, after opening you have 4 steps. Those to be followed

Step 1. Provide Permission

Step 2. Set Lock Type

Step 3. Change Pin

Step 4. Enable Lock

Friends, after following all these steps, all the incoming calls in your mobile will be locked and only you will be able to pick up your mobile calls, friends, I am very happy because friends if someone calls in your mobile and If the people of your home take that call, then how will the people of your house talk to that person or you do not know, so you can use this app to lock all incoming calls from your mobile and No one will be able to pick up your mobile incoming call

Download Incoming Call Lock App


Now let’s talk about how you will download this app inside your mobile, friends, you will get to see many applications in the Play Store, but I will tell you if you download this app because all the apps I have from the Play Store All of that downloaded is not working, only I found this one app which works well. If you want to download this app, you will see a download button above, you can click on it on your mobile. Can download this app inside thanks guys


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