Letest Secret Android app 2020


Hello friends, welcome to another new article in our website, Friends, inside this article, I will tell you about a camera app that has just been launched completely on the Play Store. This app was launched just a few days. It has happened, but friends, I will tell you about the work of this app, which you will read and go to the square. Friends, this is a camera app with the help of which you can see someone else live inside your phone. Friends, this app is name, Cemmy – Live video monitoring baby & pet monitor CCTV, Friends, if you want to know about this app, how this app is downloaded, how you can use this app inside your phone, then read the complete article to know.

App screenshot


Friends, as soon as you download this app from Google Play Store, after that it has to open the app inside your phone, now friends, this app will ask you for some permission which you have to give, after that friends inside this app you will get a lot of You will get a lot of options to see the settings, which you can use, I can tell you about some special features of this app, friends if you want to see your child’s mobile camera inside your phone Where you are now, if you want to monitor his camera in your phone, if you want to open his back camera or if you want to open his front camera, then with the help of this app you can monitor from your mobile Hey friends, this app is very beneficial for keeping an eye on your child because with the help of this app you can see your child live on your mobile to see who he is roaming with now, where he is going and what he is doing. Everything you can see inside your phone


Friends, you can use you in this way, which is very beneficial for you, now friends talk about how you can download you from the Google Play Store, friends, you can download this app very easily I am giving you a download button above, you will click on it and go to the Direct Google Play Store, after that you can download it from inside your phone, so friends, there is a lot of amazing app friends Hope you like this article, then see you in another new article till then take care of yourself, thanks guys have a nice day.


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