How to use Google Lens App


Friends, today I will tell you a trick of mobile back camera which you do not know and you should learn this trick, if you use mobile then friends, if I ask you, why do you use your mobile back camera? If you do, then your answer will be that I use my mobile camera only to take pictures, but friends, let me tell you, is your opinion correct, but there is a lot of work done by the back camera of the mobile which you do not know Hey friends, in this article today, I am going to tell you an app with the help of which you can do a lot of work with your mobile camera, so if you want to know about this app then read the entire article

How to Use Google Lens App

Friends, first of all, you have to download an app called Google Lens from the Play Store, after that you have to open such friends. As soon as you open the app from your mobile, the back camera of your mobile will be turned on. After that, friends, you have to put any one of the goods in front of the mobile camera and take a picture of it, after that, friends, the camera of your mobile will automatically tell you what the name of that item is, after all, from where that item is You can buy that item, which company means you can know everything about any product. Friends, Google Lens app is very useful if you do not know about anything, you have a product and that If you do not know the name of the product then you can use Google Lens app.

Download Google Lens App


Let me tell you now how you can download the Google Lens app in your mobile, friends, you can download the Google Lens app very easily from the Play Store, but I would suggest you do this app on our website Download from because if you go to the Play Store and search Google Lens, then you will get to see many apps in the name of this app, which you will download, then you will use it, then it will not work in your mobile. Will you tell me that you can download this app from our website, you can download the Google Lens app, above you are getting to see a download button, you can download this app by clicking on it.


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