How to use Google Family Link App


Friends, in this article today I am going to tell you about an app that Google has launched by itself and with the help of this app you can control someone’s mobile from your mobile. Suppose you are a father And you have given a mobile to your child and what he is doing in his mobile, which apps are used inside his mobile, or which ones he plays games in his mobile or whatsapp But who does he talk to or what app did he use yesterday or what is your son, he watches all the videos, if you want to know all these things then you can do this with Google’s new app Friends, if you want to know about this app, then definitely read the entire part, let us tell you which app is this by Google and how to use it.

How to use Google family Link App

Download Google Family Link App

Friends, for this you have to first download this app from play store, this app is named, Google Family Link, as soon as you download this app, then after that you have to open this app and go on opening You will ask for four to five permissions that you have to give, after that the interface of this app will come in front of you and after that friends you have to take the mobile of your child in your hand, after that you have to send his email id to this app. You have to put in the password and its password is also put in this app, after that you have to give the mobile that you have taken from your child, after that you do not have to make any settings inside this app, now when your son You will also open an app inside your phone or watch a video or play a game or download an app, then you will get to know about everything because in the app you have downloaded Everything will be seen on his mobile, whatever he does inside his mobile, then friends, it is very amazing, Google has launched it by itself.

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Download 2nd App

Now let us tell you how you will download this app in your mobile, then to download friends’ app, you will be seeing a download button above, you can click on it to download this app in your mobile. Huh


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