How to make money with Dream 11 | Full Guide Step by Step


How to make money with Dream 11

Friends, in this article today, I am going to tell you about the Dream 11 app, what is it used for, and how can you use this app, what are the benefits of using this app. If you want to know the complete information of Dream 11, App, then you will know something in this article, read it carefully today.

– What is Dream 11 ?

Friends firstly know that, what is the dream 11, app, friends, Dream 11, is a website where you select the players who are the players who are going to be a match in which you make your own team. If the players you have selected in a real match perform well, then the rank of your real players increases. And if the players you have selected in the original match perform poorly, then your actual players have a lower rank. If your players perform well then their category increases on which you are rewarded, this is the reward earned.

– Are Dream11 is Illegal ?

There are two types of games, one that depends entirely on your luck. Such games, betting and gambling bets, are included which are completely illegal in India. And while there are other types of games, there is luck as well as skill. So, in Dream 11, your skill also works with luck. You choose players from your mind and celebrate a team, so here you listen to your skills. Therefore, Dream 11 can legally play in India. Are There are three states in India, Assam, Orissa and Telangana, where Dream 11 is completely illegal.

– How Can use it ?

First of all, you have to download this app, you can download this app very easily from play store, after downloading you have to open this app, after that you get to see three options in this app (Register referral And Login), then you have to click on the option of Referral, after that (Registration Form) will come in front of you, first you have to enter (Referral Code), after that you will have to enter your mobile number, then you will have to enter an email ID. , After that you have to create a password, and then you have to click on the option of (Register) below, after that this app will be fully opened in your mobile, now you will get to see a lot of matches inside the app, then you will One can choose one hour before the start of any match. You have to click on the day you want to choose the match, after that you have to make your team. After that you will get to see the prize below this app, then you have to pay some money to participate in that reward, which you want to win, you have to click on whatever reward you like. After this you will have to pay (Rs 26) rupees to participate in this reward. Then when your match starts, you will benefit according to what the players you have selected there are performing accordingly, but if your player is not able to perform well then you will lose it

So friends, in this way you can download and use the (Dream 11) app and you can also earn money from it, it depends on your luck, if you have good luck, you can win a lot of money from it. So friends, if you want to download this app then you can download this app from Google Play Store and you can use it thank you



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