How to Find Lost Mobile Live Location


Friends, we all use mobiles, but when we lose our mobiles, when we get stolen, we do not know at all, but friends, today I will tell you one such app of the Play Store, which is very much live for your mobile for you. Thank you friends, if your mobile is lost somewhere or it is stolen, then this app can be found by looking at your mobile, let us know which app it is.

Friends, let me tell you about the work of this app, how this app works. Friends, if you put your mobile somewhere and you do not remember where my phone is or your mobile is stolen. In such a situation, what will this app do? Let me tell you, if any man steals your mobile, he will definitely try to open the lock of your mobile as soon as the thief If you try to open the lock of your mobile, then your photo will be taken by your mobile and send that photo inside your other mobile, now you will be able to know who has stolen your mobile from home, so this app works in this way. Know how to use this app, first of all you have to download this app from the play store, after that you have to open it, as soon as you open it will ask for some permission from you After that you have to give a button of the above settings, you have to click on it, after that you will have to come down and there you will see an option to enter your email id, friends, keep an eye on your other mobile email there. You have to enter the ID so that if your mobile is lost, then the person who comes to that mobile will get his photo inside your other mobile, so much work you will get from this app. And is then you have to come out of this app so it will always be so in your phone it will not delete you


Friends, let us know how to download this app, friends, to download this app, you will see a download option above, you can click on it and download this application inside your mobile.
But I would like to tell you again, you never have to delete this app from your phone. If you delete it then you will not be able to work, you will not be able to keep an eye on your mobile.


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