Hide Online Last seen on Whatsapp


Today, you will tell one such trick of WhatsApp with the help of which you will be seen offline on WhatsApp all day long, friends. How will you be able to use Strike inside your WhatsApp?

To use this trick from friends whatsapp, you have to download a small app from play store, after that you have to open this app, as soon as you open it, this app will ask you for some permission that you have to give, then friends Inside you are given three options, the first option is from Messenger and the second option is from WhatsApp and the third option is If you are on Instagram, then you have to click on WhatsApp, after that, friends, you have to come out of this app. Now if any of your friends or any other person will message you on WhatsApp, then you will be able to read his message inside this app and With the app, you will also be able to reply to the message, but your friend will feel that if you are not online on WhatsApp, then in this way you can use this app and your wh Can hide online status on WhatsApp


Friends, to download this app, firstly you have to click on the download button above, you have to click on it, after that you will go to the play store and you have to download this app from the play store, thanks guys


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