Google: You may not have noticed such a small computer, will be similar to a credit card

Google: You may not have noticed such a small computer, will be similar to a credit card

Due to this development in this technological moment, such goods are coming from the market, which has produced lifestyle of people very simple. In this episode, now the giant technology company Google is going to present a charge card-sized computer shortly, which is called Tinker Board. According to sources, this data was obtained, this computer has been specially made for operating AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs.

Will be shown at IoT Technology Conference – Asus will present these computers at IOT Technology Conference to be held in Japan.

According to the report, two variants of this device can be showcased, named Tinker Edge R and Tinker Edge T. In terms of features, the firm can offer NXP i.MX8M along with Edge TPU processor at Tinker Edge R, which can quicken tensor flow lighting. On the other hand, the Rockchip RK3399 chip in Edge R and also NPU could be awarded for 4K machine learning.

There will be a camera at the tinker board – the consumer will be able to find support for busy cooling Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 with input-output in this computer. Asus states that it is a computing apparatus including high-speed AI, that is better than every other computer. Apart from this, both versions of the computer use less electricity. With a camera, it can click the picture of every individual in the room under Artificial Intelligence technologies. Aside from that, the camera of this device has a wind angle lens sensor, whose opinion is 187 degrees.

The image will probably be identified – Asus states so that the picture can be identified, this video can make an Anomaly Detection Solution. Apart from this, the business has said that the camera of this device can send alerts to the consumer by identifying unknown activity along with the ordinary picture.


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