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Elements App review

Friends, today we will talk about the Elements app, how to use it, how it can be downloaded, everything we will know inside this article, Friends, where the Element is going is an Indian social media app. People are also saying that it is Of India, whatsapp, facebook instagram, so let’s know how this app is used, how to download it, we will tell you everything in details, so read the entire article

Indian Social media App

Indian WhatsApp App

The name of this app is Elements, and this app was launched on July 5, let us tell you, this app has been launched by Bankia Naidu, who is the Vice President of India. And you can download this app from the play store or from the app store, after downloading this app you have to open it, after that you have to get verified by entering your mobile number in this app, then you have your 10 digits After entering the mobile number, you will get an OTP and you will be verified by putting it
Now a new interface will come in front of you, where you have to create your name and a password, after that you have to click on the submit button, after doing so much work, your account will be created inside this app, now you are completely open in front of it Will come Now you see it under you, you will be given five options, Hub, Social, Chat, Alerts, Settings,
First of all, know what is the hub, friends, if you click on the option now, you will get a lot of news there and you will get to see the categories of news which you can select and read the news. After that you will click on the option of social, then there you will see the page like Facebook, as you get to see in Facebook, for example, if a friend of yours uploads a photo video then you will get to see there Will go After that you will click on the chat option, here you will get to see everything like WhatsApp, as if you message someone on WhatsApp and send a photo video to someone, in the same way here you will get all these features You will get to see which you can use, that’s why this app is also called WhatsApp of India. After that you will click on the option of alert, here you will get to see who you have requested for friendship, here you will only get to see notifications, if anyone messages you, then you will get to see the notification here and you Can see who has messaged you. Now let’s talk about the settings option of this app, you get a lot of fragments in your friends settings, so if you want to customize anything, you can go to the settings and change those settings.

App screenshot

Friends, this Indian social media app which can further compete on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram, this app is safe, it has been claimed that you cannot leak your data, friends, if you want to download the Element app then you can download it on You can download this app by clicking on it.


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