Clap to find app Review | Launch New Android App in Play store


Hello, how are you guys, I hope all of you will be good friends, today I will tell you inside this article a trick that you will be absolutely shocked by seeing this and you will say how can this be done from man mobile for a while. You will say that this is wrong, this is a lie, it cannot be done in mobile, but friends, let me tell you one thing that I am going to tell you here in the trick, it is really like this, so you keep up with this article. Read this article completely, friends, there is an app in the Play Store with the help of which you can find your mobile, if you forget to put your mobile somewhere or if your mobile was in your bed at home and that Which has fallen from there, so in this case, all you have to do is download this app in your mobile and after that if your mobile falls somewhere, then you have to clap with both hands, after that your mobile will automatically Will say that I am at this place, friends, is not a very amazing app, so if you want to know about this app, which app is this? How to download from it, then you must read this article completely

Friends, to download this app you have to go to the play store and from the play store you can download this app in your mobile
So let’s tell you how to use this app and what features you will get in this app tell you everything, so friends as soon as you download this app, then after that you have to open it This app will ask you for two permissions that you have to give, after that, in this app you will get to see the first option, Clap to find, then you have to click on it, after that a new page will open in front of you and you will There it will appear written on and off, so you have to turn on what is there, after that, friends, you have to come out of this app, now you do not need to make any settings inside the app, what will happen now, if your mobile It falls somewhere or you have forgotten to put your mobile somewhere, where did I put my mobile, then you just have to clap and as soon as you clap, your mobile will say that I am at this place, friend, is not an amazing app
No one will have told you about this app. This is a very good app. If you put your mobile anywhere, then you will not need to find your mobile, as soon as you clap your mobile automatic will say that I am in this place. Am at


Friends now talk about how you will download this app in your mobile friends, I have told you earlier that you will find it easily in the Play Store, but if you go and search this app in the Play Store, then there you will Many duplicate apps will be seen by the name of this app, which you will download,
So I will tell you that you download this app from here, I have given you a download button above, you can download this app in your mobile very easily by clicking on it.


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