Call Logs Backup app review


Call Logs Backup App review in English

Friends, in this article today, I am going to tell you an app with the help of which you can backup your mobile call log, why it is important to backup friends call log, we tell you if your mobile is stolen sometime in the future Goes or gets lost, you can recover all the numbers you have on your mobile, you can recover them again. PK in your new mobile is the benefit of making a backup of the call log which you should use in your mobile friends if you know Want to know how to backup the call log of any mobile, then you must read this article completely, we will tell you step by step, or which app you should use to back up the call log

The best app for backing up friends is Call Logs Backup, with this app you can backup all the call logs of your mobile very easily, you can use this app very easily and this app for free. You can use this app if it works

1st:- Backup your call logs with a single tap.
1. Restore call logs with ease.
2. View call logs within the app.
3. Filter and view call logs in your backup file based on date range of your choice.
4. Export date range filtered call logs from your backup files in .csv format*. (‘Export Options’ or ‘PRO Version’ has to be purchased to use this feature)
5. Do a full directory search for old backup files created using Call Logs Backup app.
7. Effortlessly share your saved call log backup files.

Attention please:- csv files cannot be used to restore call logs. Only .aiob files can be used to restore call logs which ensures safety and authenticity of your call logs data


Note:- We are not deleted call logs recovery app. We do not and will not recover/restore deleted call logs from your phone as such. The call logs should be backed up at-least once before deleting it from your phone, in which case it can be restored using the same backup file.

If you want to download this application then you can download this application very easily from play store. I have given a download button above, you can click on it and install this application in your mobile and You can use it, thanks


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