Best App to Track WhatsApp Online Status


Friends, inside this article, I am going to tell you an app that you will like very much. Within this article, I am going to tell you about the WaStat WhatsApp Tracker app. Friends, this is an app that will help you You can track your friends without their mobile. You can use this app to keep an eye on your children. If your child runs WhatsApp then when he comes online on WhatsApp throughout the day, how long he stays online on WhatsApp When it is offline on WhatsApp, you can see everything on your mobile friends, if you want to know about this app, then you must read this article carefully, I will tell you step by step how you can use this app Can

Step 1. Friends, first of all, you have to download the WaStat WhatsApp Tracker app
Step 2. After that you have to open this app and now you have to give whatever permission you ask for
Step 3. After giving this app permission, this app will start working in your mobile completely, now you will see a box above, you have to click on it.
Step 4. After that you have to put your child’s WhatsApp number there, now whatever you want to track WhatsApp, you have to enter its number here, after that you will get the submit button below, you have to click on it.
Step 5. You have to do so much work inside this app, after that, whenever your child comes online on WhatsApp, you will get a notification in your mobile that he has come online on WhatsApp, friends. Not only this, I will be online on WhatsApp for so long. You will know and when it goes offline on WhatsApp, you will get a notification again and you will know that it is offline on WhatsApp.

App screenshot 👇

Friends, this app works in this way, it is very good to keep an eye on your children, when they come online on WhatsApp, when they are offline, you can know all these things with the help of this app. If you want to download this app, then above I have given you a download button, you can download this app by clicking on it.


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